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Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets

Currently unavailable due to a production issue

Wood pellets are available in 15kg Bags for a range of different uses from conventional heating systems to animal bedding/ litter.  Convenient and easy to handle 15kg bags are ideal for stove users with relatively low annual volumes.  
Grown and produced in Ireland

Derived from 100% virgin wood fibre

Produce very high heat  - 4.8k/wh per kg

Produce very low ash ≤ 1%

Produce ultra low carbon emissions

WFQA Approved & Certified

FSC Certified

Irish Equine Centre tested    

Great cost comparisons to other more traditional bedding materials

Ultra  high absorbancy, fresh pine fragrance eliminating usual ammonia odours

Easy to manage and compost as either a fuel or bedding/ litter material