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Super Grow

Super Grow

Suitable For

Peat-free Super Grow contains everything you need to grow plants. Suitable for pots, raised beds, baskets, or laying a lawn.

How to use

  • Store and keep product dry until use.
  • Expect 10% to 15% shrinkage as it compacts.
  • After one year in pots or raised beds add Mulch Soil Enricher.
  • Consider adding a top layer of Mulch Fine Bark to retain soil moisture and prevent weed growth.


  • Made from 74% topsoil & 25% Mulch Soil Enricher (provides all the required nutrients) & 1% vermiculite (fine stone for drainage).
  • Perfectly balanced with all nutrients required and a PH of 6.5.
  • Screened to a particle size of <5mm.
  • 99% of invasive weed roots removed
  • Does not contain any brown bin material
  • 100% Organic. Suitable for organic growing practices.
  • 100% Renewable reducing the impact on the environment.
  • 100% Peat-free also reducing the impact on the environment.


    • 1m3 Cover approx 13/14m3 or 43/ 46foot

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