Mulch Green Material Prices + Charges

At Mulch we charge in a very simple way. Each load is assessed per the volume of green material on board from a small bag to a large truck.

Car/ JeepBlack BagCar Boot FullHatchback with Seats DownEstate Car or Jeep Full1m3 Sack FullCollection Fee
Vans1/3 Full2/3 FullFull
Small: Caddy / Berlingo / Partner / Connect€8.00€17.00€25.00
Medium: Hi-ace, Transit Med wheel base medium roof, opel vivaro, vw transporter€22.00€44.00€65.00
Large: Renault Master Merc Sprinter, VW LT35, Transit Jumbo€30.00€60.00€90.00
Trailer or Pickup/Tipper Truck1’ High2’ High3’ High4’ High5’ High6’ HighRate per M3
Size L x W
4’ x 4’€7.00€14.00€20.00€27.00€34.00€40.00€15/m3
6’ x 4’€10.00€20.00€30.00€40.00€50.00€60.00€15/m3
8’ x 4’€14.00€27.00€40.00€54.00€68.00€81.00€15/m3
9’ x 5’€18.00€36.00€53.00€70.00€89.00€107.00€14/m3
9’ x 6’€21.00€43.00€64.00€86.00€107.00€128.00€14/m3
10’ x 5’€20.00€40.00€59.00€79.00€99.00€119.00€14/m3
10’ x 6’€23.00€46.00€69.00€92.00€115.00€138.00€13.5/m3
11’ x 6’€25.00€50.00€76.00€101.00€126.00€151.00€13.5/m3
12’ x 6’€28.00€55.00€83.00€110.00€138.00€165.00€13.5/m3
14’ x 6’€32.00€64.00€96.00€128.00€160.00€193.00€13.5/m3

Mulch Products

ProductsSizePer Bag Offer Sale1/2 m3 Loose /
1/2 m3 Sack
1m3 Loose1m3 Sack1.5m3 Sack
Compost & Bark 
Soil Enricher30 Litre€5.494 bags for €19.95€27.49/ €34.95€54.95€59.95
Mulch Super Grow20 Litre€4.495 bags for €19.95 €39.95/ €44.95€74.95€79.95
Fine Bark70 Litre€7.493 bags for €19.95 €34.95/ €39.95 €59.95€69.95€99.95
Big Bark70 Litre€7.493 bags for €19.95 €32.49/ €37.95 €59.95€64.95€94.95
Base Soil Enricher    €14.99/ €19.95 €29.95€34.95
Kiln Dried AshSmall Sack€7.495 bags for €35
1m3 Sack€179.95 delivered €164 collect from store
1/2 m3 Sack€99 delivered €89 collect from store
1.5 m3 Sack€249.95 delivered €229.95 collect from store
Kiln Dried BirchSmall Sack€6.996 bags for €36
1m3 Sack€164.95 delivered €149.95 collect from store
1/2 m3 Sack€89.95 delivered €79.95 collect from store
1.5 m3 Sack€229.95 delivered €209.95 collect from store
Stove Heat40kg€20.9920kg€10.99
Value Coal40kg€15.99
Other Products 
500kg Sack€149.00